Overseas Student Health Cover


OSHC is compulsory for everybody who wishes to go to Australia because you may need that in case you catch any disease or get bitten by a spider. It is basically a health insurance cover which is mandatory for International Students in Australia to cover any major medical expenses. Seek Consultants is the best Australia Visa Consultants and have helped many students comply with the OSHC requirements.


Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia mandate that all international students taking up formal studies require OSHC. Also, students are required to keep the OSHC with them throughout the duration of the course. In case any international student has not acquired OSHC for whatever reason, their study visa may be cancelled if the same is found out by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.


There are many OSHC providers and it is recommended that students perform their due diligence before finalizing a policy. Usually, a basic OSHC plan contains the doctor’s consultation fee, ambulance costs, basic hospital treatments, and a limited supply of pharmaceuticals and medicines. However, students may contact the OSHC provider for including a few more coverage. All OSHC plans contain the following coverage:

  • Ward accommodation in a public hospital.
  • Day surgery accommodation.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Some prosthetic devices.
  • Benefit amount when visiting a general practitioner as stated in the Medicare Benefits Schedule.
  • Pharmaceutical benefits up to $50/item. Not more than $300 per annum.

It is recommended that students purchase a health insurance policy in conjunction with OSHC. There are some conditions which are not covered by OSHC but covered by the health insurance policy. Taking these two policies significantly reduce the burden of healthcare on international students.


Students may contact the OSHC provider through their website. OSHC needs to be purchased prior to the visa application. In some cases, the educational institution might arrange for the OSHC on student’s behalf. Some of the notable OSHC providers include NIB, BUPA Australia, Australian Health Management, Medibank Private, and Allianz Global Assistance.


The Australian Government requires up to date information on the visa and passport. Take out a print of the visa that shows the duration for which you are allowed in Australia. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the visa expires.

All students are provided with a Certificate of Enrollment from the institute a print of which is to be taken out for OSHC application. In case of any issue, students can contact Seek Consultants for any help and suggestions regarding all this.

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