What is the Best Way to Start Your Statement of Purpose?

A statement of purpose or SOP is the basic requirement for getting admission in colleges not just in India but all over the world. The Statement of Purpose is a document or essay that the student has to write to convince college admissions committees to get the students admitted to their college.

What is the Best Way to Start Your Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose or SOP has to be unique and convincing and must give the reason or purpose of why the student is applying for a particular course in a particular university. It is a good idea to start preparations for writing SOP months before the admissions deadline.

The following are details about the best ways to start SOP or statement of purpose:

  1. Choosing a Coaching Class

It is very important as a first step to write an SOP to enroll in the coaching class that provides top quality coaching for SOP like Seek Consultants. Coaching classes teach their students how to write an SOP effectively. Taking coaching helps students improve their English and also helps them to understand the mistakes they are making while writing an SOP.

  • Write the First Draft

The best way to start your SOP is to write the first draft. This is the reason why it is important to start writing the SOP months in advance. It takes time to write the first draft as it is the framework of the entire SOP and formulates what to write and what not to in an SOP.

  • Understanding the School

It is important to simply understand what is required in the SOP when one starts to write the SOP. This includes understanding the school or university to which the SOP is being sent. For example, an SOP to an Ivy League school for a medical degree will be different from an SOP for a professional trade school or university.

  • First Paragraphs of the SOP

When people start their SOP, the first step is to understand how to introduce oneself in the SOP to the admission committee. SOP Writing Services help students understand what all is needed in the introductory paragraph. Introductions should be straight forward and concise with relevant background information.

  • Understand the Format

Most types of SOPs have a format and the format of an SOP depends on the school and the course for which the SOP is written. Coaching institutes like Seek Consultants help students understand the format properly to write a good essay. The format includes introductions, background details, reasons for wanting the degree and also future career goals in the field of study.

Know the Information to be Included

The best way to start a statement of purpose is to make a list of things that need to be included in the SOP. It is a good idea to take coaching and also study SOP Writing Tips before making the list to make sure all the important points that need to be added to the SOP.

The SOP is an important document and is a compulsory requirement for most college admission applications all over the world and the above are details about how to start working on SOPs.

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Common mistakes while Writing SOP


Every writer has their weak point, their writing styles, and influences, so picking out the most common are probably too broad. Within the interest of creating things as clear as possible, many writers will write an excessive amount of, and this overwriting makes it desire the author doesn’t trust the reader to know what’s happening.

Common mistakes while Writing SOP

Lack of Designing

Please do not write your SOP at the last minute; instead, plan it days before the submission deadline. SOP Writing may be a time taking process, which takes a good number of weeks. Because it requires tons of thinking. So, to offer some scope for revision and editing, plan it before.

Copying from other sources

Keep the content of your SOP original and person who should discuss you. Take help from your teachers and experts to reinforce your writing quality and make sure that your SOP Writing Format is exclusive and error-free.

Fancy and flashy Language

The language used should be kept formal and straightforward without using weighty and flowery words since SOP may be a legal document. Hence one should look out of not using slang and short forms. you ought to avoid colloquial expressions and casual representation of things stated in SOP. Lookout of fonts used, which means that avoid using italics, bold, or fancy fonts, use an easy font and write in black color, only making your SOP look clean and clutter-free. Also, don’t cite common phrases and examples to form it unique and different from other candidates.

Exceeding the word limit

Your SOP should be short and will not exceed the given word limit. Most of the days, the word limit is defined by the university or college, but if just in case it’s not provided, then limit your SOP to the word limit of 500 – 1000 words.

Don’t boast about your achievements

Although your SOP tells about your achievements but doesn’t brag about it with the loudest horn, be honest towards your SOP and mention only the facts that you have done or achieved.

Habitat on your failures and weaknesses

Everybody faces disappointments and has shortcomings; yet harping on them might be a major in your SOP. Present your frustrations as positive angles as in what taking in you have received from them.

Inconsistent Content

Your SOP should contain all of your information during a proper order of flow to go away an enduring impression on the admission officer. You ought to always start together with your introduction, your reason for selecting the course, influential factor behind picking this course, and your scholarly excursion followed by your task and internship if any.

Mentioning irrelevant information

The SOP may be a statement about you and your goals so don’t include anything about your background or financial circumstances unless and until it’s required to say.


In other words, about 90% of the time, taking things out is more necessary than adding to form something clear. And writers got to trust their readers and always have someone read their draft to ascertain if things are unclear or if the author is overly cautious. Seek Consultants is one of the best and perfect places for learning and update your skills.

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