What is the Best Way to Start Your Statement of Purpose?

A statement of purpose or SOP is the basic requirement for getting admission in colleges not just in India but all over the world. The Statement of Purpose is a document or essay that the student has to write to convince college admissions committees to get the students admitted to their college.

What is the Best Way to Start Your Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose or SOP has to be unique and convincing and must give the reason or purpose of why the student is applying for a particular course in a particular university. It is a good idea to start preparations for writing SOP months before the admissions deadline.

The following are details about the best ways to start SOP or statement of purpose:

  1. Choosing a Coaching Class

It is very important as a first step to write an SOP to enroll in the coaching class that provides top quality coaching for SOP like Seek Consultants. Coaching classes teach their students how to write an SOP effectively. Taking coaching helps students improve their English and also helps them to understand the mistakes they are making while writing an SOP.

  • Write the First Draft

The best way to start your SOP is to write the first draft. This is the reason why it is important to start writing the SOP months in advance. It takes time to write the first draft as it is the framework of the entire SOP and formulates what to write and what not to in an SOP.

  • Understanding the School

It is important to simply understand what is required in the SOP when one starts to write the SOP. This includes understanding the school or university to which the SOP is being sent. For example, an SOP to an Ivy League school for a medical degree will be different from an SOP for a professional trade school or university.

  • First Paragraphs of the SOP

When people start their SOP, the first step is to understand how to introduce oneself in the SOP to the admission committee. SOP Writing Services help students understand what all is needed in the introductory paragraph. Introductions should be straight forward and concise with relevant background information.

  • Understand the Format

Most types of SOPs have a format and the format of an SOP depends on the school and the course for which the SOP is written. Coaching institutes like Seek Consultants help students understand the format properly to write a good essay. The format includes introductions, background details, reasons for wanting the degree and also future career goals in the field of study.

Know the Information to be Included

The best way to start a statement of purpose is to make a list of things that need to be included in the SOP. It is a good idea to take coaching and also study SOP Writing Tips before making the list to make sure all the important points that need to be added to the SOP.

The SOP is an important document and is a compulsory requirement for most college admission applications all over the world and the above are details about how to start working on SOPs.

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How do I Write a Perfect Graduate SOP?

Graduate School is for educational programs that students participate in after their college graduation. This included post graduate-level degrees and programs, post-graduate diplomas and also doctorate or Ph.D. programs which are usually done after graduate-level education is complete.

How do I Write a Perfect Graduate SOP

Most applications for such programs in colleges all over the world require a top SOP, as competition to get admission is usually stiff and a good SOP helps graduates make their application more attractive.

The following are tips to write the perfect graduate-level SOP:

Taking the Right Coaching

Writing an SOP is very different from writing essays, letters, introduction paragraphs or any other type of document. Writing a graduate-level SOP is a difficult job for most applicants and it is always a good idea to choose a top coaching class for SOPs like Seek Academy.

The coaching classes know the type of statements of purpose that are required by different types of graduate schools for various programs offered by the schools. This helps students understand the framework and techniques to write the perfect graduate SOPs.

Knowing the Graduate School

For writing the perfect graduate school SOPs it is important to study the school and get to know what the graduate school expects in the SOPs submitted by applicants. SOP Services advise students to know details about their school to help them write the perfect graduate SOPs. It is important to know what the graduate school is asking for in the SOP and what information needs to be provided to make the SOP look complete.

Looking at samples of SOPs of students who have got admissions in the graduate school before helps as it gives an idea about what the graduate school is looking for in the SOP.

Making the SOP Unique

Sometimes the graduate programs are very coveted and there is intense competition and many candidates qualify to get into the program based on their grades. In such a situation, the extracurricular, work experience and SOPs take the admission above the line to help the students get admission to graduate programs.

The admissions committee reads thousands of SOPs and students need to make their SOP unique and attractive. There are many top coaching classes like Seek Academy for SOP writing that help the students to make their SOPs unique and personal.

Know What to Include and What to Exclude

The statement of purpose has to be short and precise while conveying the right message so it is important while writing the perfect SOPs to know what to include and what not to include. The SOP writing format includes many fundamental points that need to be added to the SOP.

This includes an introduction of the candidate and it is a good idea to write about the reasons why the candidate is applying and also how well the candidate can do with the course load. Some background information about the experience the candidate has with the subject is also important but it is advisable not to write a long story in the SOPs.

SOPs are a difficult document to write that can take some time and it is important to simply follow the above-mentioned tips to write the perfect essay.

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Common mistakes while Writing SOP


Every writer has their weak point, their writing styles, and influences, so picking out the most common are probably too broad. Within the interest of creating things as clear as possible, many writers will write an excessive amount of, and this overwriting makes it desire the author doesn’t trust the reader to know what’s happening.

Common mistakes while Writing SOP

Lack of Designing

Please do not write your SOP at the last minute; instead, plan it days before the submission deadline. SOP Writing may be a time taking process, which takes a good number of weeks. Because it requires tons of thinking. So, to offer some scope for revision and editing, plan it before.

Copying from other sources

Keep the content of your SOP original and person who should discuss you. Take help from your teachers and experts to reinforce your writing quality and make sure that your SOP Writing Format is exclusive and error-free.

Fancy and flashy Language

The language used should be kept formal and straightforward without using weighty and flowery words since SOP may be a legal document. Hence one should look out of not using slang and short forms. you ought to avoid colloquial expressions and casual representation of things stated in SOP. Lookout of fonts used, which means that avoid using italics, bold, or fancy fonts, use an easy font and write in black color, only making your SOP look clean and clutter-free. Also, don’t cite common phrases and examples to form it unique and different from other candidates.

Exceeding the word limit

Your SOP should be short and will not exceed the given word limit. Most of the days, the word limit is defined by the university or college, but if just in case it’s not provided, then limit your SOP to the word limit of 500 – 1000 words.

Don’t boast about your achievements

Although your SOP tells about your achievements but doesn’t brag about it with the loudest horn, be honest towards your SOP and mention only the facts that you have done or achieved.

Habitat on your failures and weaknesses

Everybody faces disappointments and has shortcomings; yet harping on them might be a major in your SOP. Present your frustrations as positive angles as in what taking in you have received from them.

Inconsistent Content

Your SOP should contain all of your information during a proper order of flow to go away an enduring impression on the admission officer. You ought to always start together with your introduction, your reason for selecting the course, influential factor behind picking this course, and your scholarly excursion followed by your task and internship if any.

Mentioning irrelevant information

The SOP may be a statement about you and your goals so don’t include anything about your background or financial circumstances unless and until it’s required to say.


In other words, about 90% of the time, taking things out is more necessary than adding to form something clear. And writers got to trust their readers and always have someone read their draft to ascertain if things are unclear or if the author is overly cautious. Seek Consultants is one of the best and perfect places for learning and update your skills.

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Singapore Student Pass

With a negligible crime rate and several geographical advantages, Singapore is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Its emphasis on maintaining ecological balance while sustaining infrastructure is unparalleled. Also, it is the financial hub of South-East Asia as a bulk of big financial houses is located in this region.

Singapore has some of the most premium colleges in the whole world. Graduating out of these colleges is surely gives students a competitive advantage in the corporate field. However, to Study in Singapore, students must obtain the Singapore student pass. It is basically permission from the Singapore government that allows the student to stay and study in Singapore.

Students who wish to go to Singapore for studies can consult Seek Consultants for Student Visa Consultants in Delhi to complete the formalities pertaining to Singapore Student Pass.


In a nutshell, those who want to study in Singapore have to apply for the student pass. You will be able to apply for it online via the website of the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) processes the applications of students below 19 years of age. Those who are over 19 years of age may have to appear for an interview at the embassy.


If an interview is not required, the process may be completed within a month. However, in the case of interviews, processing time may range from 2 – 4 months. Therefore it is advised that students should apply in advance so that they have some buffer in case their application is rejected.


The ICA will send out a date to the applicant on which their interview will be organized. On the day of the interview, the following documents are to be carried by the applicant:

1. Original and photocopy of birth certificate, educational degree, and academic result card of the degree, and bank statement.

2. Acceptance letter from the Private Education Organization (PEO).

3. Supporting documents from applicant’s parents such as national identity card, employment statement and letter, household register, business registration certificate if self-employed, and salary record of the previous 3 months.

4. Photocopy of the first and last page of the passport.

5. If the applicant’s immediate relatives (parents, spouse, step-parents) are Singapore permanent residents or Singapore citizens, their notarized marriage certificate is also to be produced.


A security deposit of $5,000 may be collected from the student by the ICA. $30 is the application processing fee. It is non-refundable irrespective of the outcome. $60 is payable to the ICA once all formalities are complete. Students who wish to apply for the Singapore student pass may consult Seek Consultants.

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Important Checklists before Leaving for Overseas Studies

Many students go abroad for their further studies. The whole process is a bit draining but when you are actually preparing to leave, that’s the time when you have to take things in your control.

It is advisable that students make a checklist so that they don’t have any trouble while entering and staying in a foreign land. Seek Consultants are Student Visa Consultants in Delhi and can help students prepare their checklist before they leave.

1.    UNIVERSITY MATTERS: Before the commencement of classes, it is important to double-check all the documentation pertaining to the university.

  • Log in to the student portal using the provided credentials and enroll for the units in the first semester.
  • Check whether or not you have paid the outstanding fee amount. If not, then check the deadline to pay it.
  • Check the date of orientation as well as the date of the actual commencement of classes.
  • Find the time table of the faculty’s activities.
  • After each semester, there is a break. Check the break period and if it is long enough, you can plan a trip back to your home.

2.    ACCOMMODATIONS: Students have to look and finalize accommodation prior to the commencement of classes. Most foreign universities have hostels but if you want to stay in an apartment, Seek Consultants can help you find a good place to crash.

  • Confirm your date of arrival with the apartment owner. Make sure you have completed the paperwork and paid the owner some portion of the agreed rent amount.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, home stays are a better option than apartments. Communicate with the family you are going to stay with about your arrival date and time. Prepare a small gift for the family as a form of courtesy.
  • Most universities don’t provide airport pickups. If that’s the case, make sure you have arranged transportation to the hostel/ home stays apartment.

3.      PASSPORT AND VISA: The passport and visa information should be up to date.

  • Take out a print of the e-Visa. Also, print the complete grant letter.
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the visa expires.
  • All students are provided with an e-COE (Certificate of Enrolment). Take a print of that as well.
  • Apply for a military exit permit (only for military personnel).
  • Keep all these documents handy and safe in your handbag.

4.    MEDICAL CONCERNS: Different countries have different medical requirements for international students. Make sure you comply with all the requirements of that country.

  • Take necessary vaccinations like influenza, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and MMR.
  • Take an OSHC policy if visiting Australia. Otherwise, a regular health insurance policy will work.

5.     LUGGAGE: Start packing at least a week before your departure. Check the climatic conditions of the country and pack accordingly. Take 3 – 4 notebooks, some pens and other stationery items. Some airlines allow up to 40 kg of luggage for students. Therefore, you can carry almost everything you might need during your stay.

Seek Consultants help students with accommodation, passport, visa, and medical requirements. They also help students to prepare a checklist for smooth transition.

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Overseas Student Health Cover


OSHC is compulsory for everybody who wishes to go to Australia because you may need that in case you catch any disease or get bitten by a spider. It is basically a health insurance cover which is mandatory for International Students in Australia to cover any major medical expenses. Seek Consultants is the best Australia Visa Consultants and have helped many students comply with the OSHC requirements.


Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia mandate that all international students taking up formal studies require OSHC. Also, students are required to keep the OSHC with them throughout the duration of the course. In case any international student has not acquired OSHC for whatever reason, their study visa may be cancelled if the same is found out by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.


There are many OSHC providers and it is recommended that students perform their due diligence before finalizing a policy. Usually, a basic OSHC plan contains the doctor’s consultation fee, ambulance costs, basic hospital treatments, and a limited supply of pharmaceuticals and medicines. However, students may contact the OSHC provider for including a few more coverage. All OSHC plans contain the following coverage:

  • Ward accommodation in a public hospital.
  • Day surgery accommodation.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Some prosthetic devices.
  • Benefit amount when visiting a general practitioner as stated in the Medicare Benefits Schedule.
  • Pharmaceutical benefits up to $50/item. Not more than $300 per annum.

It is recommended that students purchase a health insurance policy in conjunction with OSHC. There are some conditions which are not covered by OSHC but covered by the health insurance policy. Taking these two policies significantly reduce the burden of healthcare on international students.


Students may contact the OSHC provider through their website. OSHC needs to be purchased prior to the visa application. In some cases, the educational institution might arrange for the OSHC on student’s behalf. Some of the notable OSHC providers include NIB, BUPA Australia, Australian Health Management, Medibank Private, and Allianz Global Assistance.


The Australian Government requires up to date information on the visa and passport. Take out a print of the visa that shows the duration for which you are allowed in Australia. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the visa expires.

All students are provided with a Certificate of Enrollment from the institute a print of which is to be taken out for OSHC application. In case of any issue, students can contact Seek Consultants for any help and suggestions regarding all this.

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Things to Know Before Visiting Liverpool for Studies

The UK has become a hub for international students and there are a large number of cities and colleges in the UK for studies. Each city has its own set of advantages and disadvantage. Despite the disadvantages, thousands of students travel to the UK for higher studies.

In the UK, London is the best city in terms of job opportunities and colleges. Also, it is the capital of England and therefore, students tend to gravitate towards it more hoping for a good overall environment to live and study. Some of the most popular cities in London are Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool.

Out of these cities, students tend to gravitate more towards Liverpool because it is culturally diverse, the hometown of the Beatles and Liverpool Football Club and much more. If you are planning to visit Liverpool for studies, then you must consult Seek Consultants who are one of the top Student Visa Consultants in Delhi. Here are some things which you should keep in mind as these will help you to make your stay and study in Liverpool pleasant.


The United Kingdom falls under the European Economic Area. So, if you stay outside of this region or in Switzerland, then you have to apply for a student visa. To apply for a student visa, the student must be over 16 years of age and the visa is known as Tier 4 general student visa.

To be eligible for visa application, the student has to satisfy certain prerequisites which are given below:

  • Offer letter from a university in Liverpool.
  • Ability to read, writes, and speaks English as it is the medium of teaching in Liverpool.
  • Also, you have to show that you have sufficient funds to support your stay and study in Liverpool.


There are only two universities in Liverpool; Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool. Both these universities are well-known universities. The former is good for arts whereas the latter is good for management and science-related courses.

Liverpool is pretty big and classrooms of these universities are scattered across the city. Therefore it is important to carefully find the location of the class otherwise you will miss out on the initial lectures. Keeping in mind the large number of international students in Liverpool, these universities have societies where you can meet fellow international students.

The main benefit of a society is that the people in it are in the same position as you. Also, society members can together organize trips, sports tournaments, and other activities. To know more about these societies, you can either check the university website or ask Seek Consultants for their help. They will connect you with fellow international students.


A lot of communities from around the world are present in Liverpool. Therefore, you will be able to find a restaurant that serves cuisine specific to your country easily. If you live outside of the European Union, initially you will find settling down a bit difficult. However, sooner or later, you will find people that you can call friends and hang out with.

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Immigration Policies of Different Countries

When we talk about migration, you will hear two very similar terms; one is emigration and the other is immigration. They are virtually the same word aside from their beginnings. Although they both refer to migration, they take on slightly different meanings. Emigration is leaving a country to move somewhere else, whereas immigration is the process of entering a country.

So, when people migrate, it is important to recognize that they are both immigrants and emigrants at the same time but which term you use depends on whether you are leaving or entering the country.

A large number of students immigrate to other countries for higher studies. Some of the major countries of student immigration are the US, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Seek Consultants provide Immigration Services in Delhi so that students can easily move into a different country for studies. Also, they guide students on immigration policies of the country for which they are aiming. Here are the immigration policies of top countries for higher studies.


The US is the land of opportunity for both students and workers. However, upon completion of the course from a US institution, the student is not entitled to stay there and search for jobs. As a matter of fact, students are only allowed to study in the US if they explicitly mention in their application that they will leave the country promptly after the completion of the course.

Immigration and Visa Requirements of the US are the toughest to comply with and after the mishap of 11th September 2001, they have become even tougher. Visa Reform Act of 2002 requires students to file a tax which is solely used for tracking their visa application. This system has also made switching between visa categories difficult.

However, in 2007, Internship Scheme was launched by the Department of State which allows students to participate in year-long internships in the US. All the student has to do is prove how the internship will benefit them.


Germany has come up with a single permit for both students and residents. This has made the process ever so easy and convenient. Also, students have the option to extend their residence permit up to an extent of 1 year after the completion of the course. This time can be utilized to search for a job.

Immigration policies in France allow students to work for up to 20 hours a week. After the completion of studies, students can accept employment offers in France but first, they have to get temporary employment authorization.


Canada is one of the best destinations for studies. Visa and immigration process is not required if the course duration is less than 6 months. Applying for a study permit is particularly useful and enables students to work up to 20 hours on or off campus. Post-Graduation Work Permit Program allows international graduates from Canadian universities to do a job in Canada for a period of up to 2 years.


A student visa is not required if the course duration is less than 3 months. Students are allowed to work 20 hours a week when enrolled in courses that span 6 months and above. If the student falls under the Skilled Migrant Category, they are allowed to study in New Zealand for a period of 2 years. This amendment was made in July 2007. Also, students with sufficient work experience can apply for a work visa after completion of studies.


The point system of the Australian visa is designed in such a way that encourages migration. Also, after completing a full-time course from an Australian university, students are allowed to stay up to 18 months in Australia.

Amendments in 2007 were made to strengthen the education system and allow students to earn work experience after their studies. Students completing a master’s degree are however required to apply for a work visa.

UK (United Kingdom)

UK government made some amendments in 2006 as a result of which science and engineering graduates can stay in the UK for up to 12 months and seek employment. Also, MBA students of the top 50 colleges can apply for a 3-year work visa in the UK after the completion of their studies.

Immigration and visa policies of the UK have become strict in the recent times. Seek Consultants are the Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi and they guide students on various requirements to comply with for getting a student visa. Strict entrance rules and period of post study-work are affected because of the amendments.

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Canada Express Entry

Canadian immigration has a system called Canada Express Entry for easy selection and immigration of skilled workers into Canada. The main objective of Express Entry is to select skilled workers for immigration to Canada. The process is electronic and involves the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers.

Earlier, it was debated that Express Entry will increase unemployment. Surprisingly, it has been found that due to Express Entry, the unemployment level has gone down and it also impacted the economy in a positive way. Express Entry created approximately 70,000 new jobs in Canada.

The paperwork and procedures can be overwhelming for first timers and this is where Seek Consultants can help you. They provide Immigration Services in Delhi and beat other providers by a mile.

Canada Express Entry Increases Employment

A large majority of the jobs created are filled by non-skilled workers who wish to develop skills and earn full-time positions. This trend has resulted in higher and stable earning patterns. Immigration was a key topic in the Federal Election held in Canada. Canadian economy depends a lot on immigration and almost all parties agreed to encourage immigration.

Immigrants from India, south-east Asia, Africa, and America have witnessed a slight increase in the employment level. The employment level rose by 2% in January 2019 as compared to January 2018. This increase solidifies the importance of Canada Express Entry and its role in giving the Canadian economy the push that it needs.


There is a point system for determining your eligibility for Express Entry. You can score a maximum of 1200 points by combining the scores of the 3 aspects; age, education, experience, and Language (IELTS).

1.       AGE: If you are in the age group of 25 – 35 years, the chance of getting Express Entry will be high. However, if you are over 35 years of age, you will get fewer points on the age aspect. In simple words, the younger you are the higher point’s will you get on this parameter.

2.       EDUCATION: WES (World Education Services) is a Canadian organization that evaluates your educational qualifications to give you points. You need to get verification from your university and then send it to Canada Government ECA (Evaluation of Credential Assessment). Here your bachelor’s and master’s degree will get evaluated for points.

3.       EXPERIENCE: Applicants must have at least 1 year of work experience. The more, the better for getting higher points.

4.       LANGUAGE: English and French are 2 widely spoken languages in Canada. If you can read, write, understand, and speak French, then you will get more points. For the English language, you need to take the IELTS test. An overall band score of 6 is doable but the scoring will be less. An overall band score of 7 or above will earn you more points.

This is the point based system and there is a total of 1200 points. You can take Immigration Services provided by Seek Consultants in case of any problem. They will help you with the minimum point requirements and also let you know when the Canadian Government is accepting applications for the same.

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Canada Student Visa Requirements

Over 150,000 international students are accepted into Canadian universities every year. The high-quality education system, job opportunities, cultural diversity, and low tuition fee are some of the most attractive features of Studying in Canada.

Also, Canadian universities have links with big companies and chances are that you might start earning just after 3 – 4 months of the completion of your course.

But first of all, you have to get your student visa. Seek Consultants are one of the best Student Visa Consultants in Delhi and can guide you on the same. They will help you to decide which Canadian university is the best for you and what documents are required to start the visa process.

Here are some steps to procure Canada student Visa.

  1. GET THE ACCEPTANCE LETTER FROM THE PREFERRED UNIVERSITY: This is the first and foremost step in the visa application. You have to show the acceptance letter before moving any further with the VISA.
  2. WHEN YOU DON’T REQUIRE STUDY PERMIT TO STUDY IN CANADA: There are some situations where you don’t need a Canadian study permit.
  3. If someone from your immediate family members is a staff member of a foreign representative in Canada. The family member should have accreditation from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada.
  4. If the course you have opted for is less than or equal to 6 months in duration.
  5. If you have Indian status registered in Canada but you are a citizen of some other country.
  6. START THE CANADIAN STUDENT VISA APPLICATION: As and when you get the acceptance letter, you can start with the Student Visa Process.
  7. Apply on the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) website before entering Canada.
  8. Provide a copy of the acceptance letter.
  9. Show proof that you have enough funds to support your education, accommodation and so on in Canada.
  10. Make sure you have a clean criminal record.
  11. As proof of sound mental and physical health, get a full body checkup done and submit the reports.

The study permit expires after 90 days of completion of the course. During this period, you can travel back home, explore work opportunities, or be self-employed.

  • DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR STUDENT VISA: Complete Study permit application, acceptance letter, valid passport, and 2 passport sized photographs with name and DOB on the backside, proof of sufficient financial resources, explanation letter, and receipt of payment of study permit (CAD 150).
  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEST SCORECARD: Since English is the medium of Education in Canada, it is compulsory for international students to take any one of the 3 English tests; IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge English: Advanced. The score only goes on to prove that you can study, communicate, and interpret the English language.
  • BIO-METRICS: It may take up to 90 days to get your Canada Study Permit. In case you haven’t heard from them after 90 days, you can talk to Canada Immigration Delhi about the same. You may also be required to visit the local VISA application center to complete the bio-metric test. Charge of the bio-metric test is CAD 85 and it depends on the country where you are from. In case of any discrepancy, you may be called for an interview as well.

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